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How-to Videos

How-to videos are available to provide help with specific functions and tasks within the UC Learning Center.  You may select from the most requested topics below or view all videos.  NOTE: due to system upgrades, some of these videos may not include current functions.

Navigate the UCLC
Manage My Registrations
Required Trainings
Find A Course
Transcript & Certificates
Mobile App
  • Mobile App Tutorial - 3.10 min
    Learn various functions of the downloadable SumTotal Mobile App, including:
    • download & set up of the app
    • searching for and launching a course
    • and, downloading a course.

NOTE:  This is a mobile app that you must download and has limited functionality; mobile web browsers are not supported.  You cannot register to in-person courses via the app.  In addition, currently, there are limited eCourses available via the mobile app; if you cannot find an eCourse, it is not available.  It is recommended to use a desktop or laptop to access the UC Learning Center.  (See FAQ regarding mobile app).


User Guides

NOTE:  These user guides are outdated.  Our systemwide UCLC training team will provide updated guides as soon as they become available.

User guides will be posted as they become available; please check back periodically.  NOTE: Due to system upgrades, some of these user guides may not include current functions.


FAQs will continue to be added; please check back periodically.

The UCLC login URL is not working?  
You may be accessing an outdated URL link.  Please be sure to always log in via the UCLC webpage.  See troubleshooting tips.

Why is the online eCourse not loading?  
This could possibly be a browser setting issue.  To ensure browser compatibility, please view our troubleshooting tips and ensure browsers are updated.

Who do I contact regarding my mandatory trainings?  
If you have questions regarding your mandatory trainings, please visit the Office of Compliance mandatory training site.  To view your mandatory trainings in the UC Learning Center, from the homepage, select the Required Training button; you can also search for the course name.

What if an incorrect supervisor is listed?  
If the supervisor listed is incorrect, reach out to your current supervisor and inform them a service change request is needed (Make sure you have signed in via DUO/SSO prior to clicking the link, otherwise you will have to sign in and click on the link to the form again).

What do I do if an employee is no longer with the University?
If an employee is no longer with the University please reach out to Payroll Services and submit proper separation form (Make sure you have signed in via DUO/SSO prior to clicking the link, otherwise you will have to sign in and click on the link to the form again).

What if an employee listed is no longer in my unit or under my supervision? 
Please reach out to our Compensation unit to have records updated. -

Why am I not able to find a course?
A helpful tip is to include an asterisk (*) before and/or after your search field.

How do I find programs offered in the UC Learning Center?
For Human Resources Talent Development programs and certificated courses, please visit their programs homepage.

Does the UC Learning Center have a mobile app?
(Also see mobile app tutorial video)  Yes, you may download the SumTotal "Mobile" App (not the "Classic" app); when prompted to enter the site URL, you will input  Please note, the app has very limited functionality and limited eCourses available; if you cannot find a course on the app, it is accessible only via desktop or laptop.  Mobile web browsers are not supported.  We recommend using a desktop or laptop to access trainings.  Chrome is recommended for best compatibility.

When I register for a class, why does it state "registration blocked"?
Registration Blocked means there are no offerings for the in-person course; clicking on the error message will display an explanation of the message.  You will need to check back to register when there is a new offering.

Why did I receive a reminder email about a mandatory/required training when my training analysis page displays an "acquired" status for the course?
Your training analysis page lists your required/mandatory trainings.  Although the assigned status displays "acquired", it is important to pay attention to the due date and expiration date.  

Assigned Date the date the training was assigned to you
Due Date the date the training is due; notifications are based on this due date
Last Completed the date you last completed the training
Expiration Date the date the training will expire (if it is a recurring training)
Assignment Status
  • Assigned status means you have not completed the requirement.
  • Attended status means
    • you have completed the requirement which is a one-time requirement
    • and, the training is NOT a certification
  • Acquired status means
    • you have completed the requirement which is a recurring requirement with a recurring due date
    • and, the training is a certification
    • NOTE:  check Due Date & Expiration Date
  • Expiring Soon status means
    • there is an approaching expiration date
    • NOTE:  check Due Date & Expiration Date



Policies & Guidelines

eCourse File Retention Policy & Guidelines
eCourse files submitted for upload to the UC Learning Center (UCLC) are not kept on file outside of the UCLC by the administrative team. It is the responsibility of the developer or course owner to maintain working versions of their courses and provide any needed updated published files to the UCLC as needed.


Attendance Guidelines for Receiving UCLC Credit for Instructor-Led Courses at UC Merced
See guidelines.

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