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UC Learning Center Resources

Additional resources to help you navigate the UC Learning Center are available here.


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How-to Videos

How-to videos are available to provide help with specific functions and tasks within the UC Learning Center.  You may select from the most requested topics below or view all videos.

  1. UC Learning Center Navigation Method - 1.55 min
    Learn how to navigate the UC Learning Center.
  2. Manage My Registrations - 0.38 min
    View your training schedule listing all registered courses.
  3. Required Trainings - 0.39 min
    ​View your training analysis listing all required and recommended trainings.
  4. Find A Course - 0.23 min
    Search for a course.
  5. Cancel Registration - 1.23 min
    How to cancel a course.
  6. View Your Schedule - 2.09 min
    View your schedule listing current/upcoming courses, completed courses, cancelled courses and waiting lists.
  7. Training Transcript - 0.52 min
    View your transcript listing all completed courses; view, print and download certificates of completions.


User Guides

User guides will be posted as they become available; please check back periodically.



FAQs will continue to be added; please check back periodically.

The UCLC login URL is not working?  
It is likely you may be accessing an outdated URL link.  Please be sure to always log in via the UCLC webpage.

Why is the online eCourse not loading?  
This could possibly be a browser setting issue.  To ensure browser compatibility, please view our troubleshooting tips (under section Additional Steps).

Who can I contact regarding my mandatory trainings?  
If you have questions regarding your mandatory trainings, please visit the Office of Compliance mandatory training site.

Why am I not able to find a course?
A helpful tip is to include an asterisk (*) before and/or after your search field.

How do I find programs offered in the UC Learning Center?
For Human Resources Talent Development programs and certificated courses, please visit their programs and certificates webpage.


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