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UC Learning Center

The UC Learning Center (UCLC) is the University's system-wide learning management system for all staff and faculty.  It is a resource which provides access to training, online activities and in-person professional development.


Register For Training

*NOTE:  Any links previously saved or from prior emails may no longer work.  Please follow the instructions below.

  1.   Log in to the UC Learning Center using your UC Merced Net ID.
  2.   Select "Find a Course" (the button with a magnifying glass).
  3.   In the search field, type in the course title or title code.
      TIP: adding an asterisk (*) before and/or after your search field can be helpful.
  4.   Once you have identified the course, click the drop-down menu on the "select" button.
  5.   And, select from one of the drop-down options.

UCLC Course Request Process

The UC Learning Center (UCLC) is the systemwide Learning Management System that can provide campus units with a business solution for managing and tracking required courses for their personnel. For example, enrollment and completion reports can be enabled and emailed directly to you (or multiple recipients) on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

If you would like to manage and track a course within UCLC, please submit the UCLC Course Request Form.  Form items A through P must be completed before form submission.  Missing or editing information after the form has been submitted will delay the course request process. 

Steps to Take:

  1.   Save the UCLC Course Request Form to your computer to enable editing.
  2.   Email the completed form to HR Training at
  3.   Once submitted, please allow 3-business days for the course to become available in the UCLC.     An email notification will be sent to you once your course is available.

Self-Help Resources