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Office of the Chancellor

Performance Management

The appraisal process closes June 8, 2022. There are no extensions to this deadline; please plan accordingly.

Department Heads may designate Department-specific deadlines. Departmental deadlines shall not interfere with the HR submission date of April 18th, and the system close date of June 8th.

Merit Pay or General Salary Increase Program: The Regents and the University President review Merit Pay and General Salary Increase Programs annually; these are implemented at the campuses only after written Presidential approval is received. As a result, we cannot provide advice on the programs until we receive written authorization.


April 1st, 2021-March 31, 2022

Summary of Accomplishments Opens March 7th
Appraisal Process Opens March 7th
Employee Submits Summary of Accomplishments

April 4th
no extensions

Manager Completes Employee Appraisal & Submit to HR for Review
(HR review required for overall rating of ‘Met Some Expectations’ and ‘Met Few Expectations’)
April 18th
HR Provides Feedback on Appraisals (if any) April 19th – May 1st 
Calibration Review
(HR to issue Division and School Ratings Report)
May 2nd – May 15th 
Appraisals Released to Managers

May 16, 2021

Manager Meets With Employee & Adds Final Comments

May 16th – May 27th
Employee Writes Final Comments & Signs Appraisal May 28th – June 6th
Manager Reviews Employee Comments & Signs Appraisal June 6th – June 8th
System Closes June 8th at 9:00 PM PST


An appraisal will be considered late if not otherwise submitted in Cornerstone (formerly Saba) by June 8th – compelling reasoning for completing an appraisal outside of Cornerstone must be submitted and reviewed by Employee & Labor Relations prior to submitting paper appraisal.

If unforeseen circumstances (e.g., unexpected leave of absence, illness, etc.) keep Cornerstone submission from occurring, the supervisor must complete a paper appraisal and secure the appropriate department/school signatures. Appraisals completed outside of Cornerstone are a rare exception. When a paper appraisal exception has been granted, all documents must be completed and routed to for upload into the employee’s Cornerstone account.