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Help Shape How We Work at UC Merced

The value of the How We Work Feedback tool is to collect your on-the-ground knowledge and experiences to inform campus-wide guidelines that support a more deliberate and equitable dispersed workforce. This tool does not provide "an answer" as to whether a certain position should have a remote or hybrid work modality - rather, it is a rich information resource to make data-informed institutional choices that advance our campus' mission and strategic plan.




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The Value of Your Feedback

Even before the pandemic our workforce was dispersed - meaning we worked across remote and on-site locations. UC Merced's response to pandemic challenges expanded our understanding of what could be accomplished using remote and hybrid modalities while our personnel gained experience with how these different modes impacted their work productivity and satisfaction.

We are eager to learn from our employees' experiences and professional judgements about what circumstances may support their work. By sharing this knowledge, we can embark on learning, as an organization, how to improve our student, faculty, and staff experience. The dashboard of feedback results is an important first step in this learning and we hope that you continue to help shape how we work by participating in opportunities for continuing this conversation and developing recommendations are announced. 



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A Collaborative Partnership

The Human Resources Office, in partnership with Staff Assembly, Chancellor's Office, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Center of Institutional Effectiveness, have developed this feedback tool to inform and shape the future of work at UC Merced. Our collective objective is to position and establish UC Merced with a competitive advantage, where we look beyond the impacts of the pandemic and institutionalize remote and flexible work in our everyday work environment.