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Our Partners

Through our collaboration with campus and community members and our customized programs, services, and learning communities, we foster healthy living, working and learning environments for UC Merced staff members. We are proud to support and partner with colleagues who share our commitment to create a new paradigm for positive social change.


To learn more about our partners, select the links below:

Campus Climate Center for
Effectiveness (CIE
Center for Career
and Professional
Awareness Certificate
Program (DACP
Health & Safety (EHS)
Equity, Diversity
and Inclusion (EDI
Campus Network
Healthy Science Research
Institute (HSRI)
Merced College Resource
Learning Center
Staff Assembly Systemwide Talent Management  





























If you’re interested in joining a group of people working together and playing together, striving to create the context and the confidence for lifelong learning and growth Become a Volunteer Instructor.