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Pandemic Recovery Team

As UC Merced continues to work through the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on our campus’ day-to-day operations we are reprioritizing work in light of the pandemic. Employees are needed to volunteer a portion of their time to the Pandemic Recovery Team. The program began in January in 2021.


The Pandemic Recovery Team allows employees to support short term assignments identified for the pandemic relief efforts. UC Merced employees interested in participating should consult with their supervisor to enroll in the program by using the Pandemic Recovery Team Staff Intake form.

Assignment Details

The four available Pandemic Recovery Team assignments are as follows:

COVID Asymptomatic Testing Observer – Non-Medical (In Person)

This position supports asymptomatic COVID-19 [DE2] testing services at the temporary on-Campus testing location for UC Merced’s students, faculty, and staff.

Staff in this position will be provided training and personal protective equipment to safely complete the duties of educating students and staff about self-administered COVID testing.

COVID Response Center (CRC) Operator (Remote)*

Collect and communicate basic employee and student information and enter into relevant databases for Case Investigators.

COVID Contact Tracer (Remote)*

Follow-up with individuals who have contacted the COVID Response Center or responded “yes” to the daily health check-in.

* A training program has been created to support both CRC positions.

COVID Worksite Monitor (In Person)

This position works with Facilities Management to ensure all COVID- 19 [DE3] related signage is posted appropriately.

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Employee Eligibility

To be considered for the program, the staff member must obtain approval from their supervisor.

Duration & Percentage of Time

Pandemic Recovery Team assignments are temporary with hours agreed upon by the employee’s supervisor and the Pandemic Recovery Team coordinator. The duration may be shortened by departments due to budgetary or operational circumstances; in which case, the supervisor would request to end the temporary duties.


There will be no change to the employee’s department, pay or payroll title. The department will remain responsible for documentation of personnel matters, including payroll and timekeeping records.

Hours worked will be paid based upon the employee’s current rate of pay. Employees are not eligible for stipends, equities or pay increases as part of this program.

Departments will continue to manage and approve the employee’s timesheet and account for paid or unpaid leaves. Employees will submit accurate timesheets inclusive of any earned overtime in advance of deadlines. Supervisors will undertake arrangements to ensure the accuracy of timesheets.

These duties do not constitute transfer, reclassification, demotion, promotion or entitlement to continue future employment.

If you have any questions about the program or use of the intake form, please contact Compensation at