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LinkedIn Learning

UC Merced’s Human Resources actively seeks to develop our talented workforce and is committed to investing in the development of our campus community through new and emerging resources and tools.

LinkedIn Learning provides unlimited access to a professional development training library of courses that teach the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos featuring recognized industry experts.

All faculty, staff, student employees, and academic appointees can now watch full courses, or sample bite-size portions, at your own pace from your computer, smartphone or tablet – learning and development – anytime you choose.

How to Access Linkedin Learning

  1. Login at this link with your UCM credentials (email). 


  1. If prompted, click “Continue without LinkedIn"; then select "Do not connect my account".  If you wish, you may connect to your personal LinkedIn Learning profile at a later time.

LinkedIn Learning login


  1.   Your successful login will display “Me” & “UC Merced” in upper-right corner.


  1.   If errors are encountered, please try again by opening in an "in-private" browser.
    IMPORTANT:  If you have an existing separate personal LinkedIn profile and have not linked it with your LinkedIn Learning account, please be sure you have logged out completely from your LinkedIn profile before trying these steps.


LinkedIn Learning for Work and for Fun

You can use Linkedin Learning online training for professional development, and also for personal enrichment outside of work. From Microsoft Office and Adobe Create Suite applications to time management, leadership fundamentals, and more, the Linkedin Learning vast online library offers a wide range of on-demand instructional videos. As long as you have a UCMnetID and are a UC Merced employee, you can log in to LinkedIn Learning on or off campus.

Note for non-exempt employees: Time spent on LinkedIn Learning training for personal enrichment will not be considered time worked. As with all training opportunities, if you need to take Linkedin Learning training for your job, please work with your manager/supervisor in advance to schedule the coursework and to request that course time be approved as work time.


LinkedIn Learning Mobile App

Instructions to access LinkedIn Learning on mobile devices.

  1. Download & open the mobile
    app "LinkedIn Learning".

  1. Select "Sign in".

  1. Enter your UCM email;
    select "Continue".

  1. Select "Sign in with SSO".

  1. Your successful login will display
    the LinkedIn Learning homepage.


Have Questions or Issues

  1. Have questions regarding LinkedIn Learning playlists for you or your team members? Send an email to
  2. For problems logging in including authentication-related issues when accessing LinkedIn Learning, contact the OIT Service Desk.
  3. For all other issues with LinkedIn Learning, contact LinkedIn Learning Help (link is external).