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Troubleshooting Tips - UC Learning Center

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UCLC Login Instructions

Log in via the HR UCLC webpage; many times users are accessing an outdated URL link.

Account Access

Please read the below information carefully to identify your status in order to better understand how you receive or can request system access.

  1. New employees (including student-employees) with an active account in UCPath payroll will receive automatic access within 2-5 days.
  2. Students and affiliates who are not an active employee, must request an Affiliate account by emailing
  3. All users must have an active UCM Net ID (email).

New Employee

  • New employees with a Social Security Number (SSN) and birthdate will become active in the UCLC within 2-5 days of their account being active in UCPath.
  • NOTE: an active UCPath account with a future start date will generate the UCLC account 2-5 days following the future start date (or whichever date occurs later)
    • an active UCPath/payroll account will auto-generate an account in the UCLC
    • new hire paperwork must have already been processed
    • start date must have already begun (cannot be a future start date); see note above
  • Must have an active UCM NetID (email).

Former Employee

  • Generally, only employees with an active appointment receive UCLC system access.
  • If had previous access to the UCLC and to re-activate account, supervisor needs to contact their department MSO to enter the account as an affiliate with an end date.
  • Once the above step has been completed, email to be added as an affiliate to re-activate access.
  • Must have an active UCM NetID (email).

Active Student (and NOT a student-employee or volunteer)

  • Students do not receive automatic access to the UCLC.
  • Students who are not an employee of the University, have never accessed the UCLC before, and have a UCM NetID, will first need to request an affiliate account by emailing
  • Must have an active UCM NetID (email).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Batch input of affiliates may be submitted by faculty, clubs and organizations by sending a list of names and emails (in Excel format) to


  • If accessing the UCLC for the first time, newly hired student-employees should wait until their employee profile is available in UCPath payroll to login.
  • See new employee section.

Former Student-Employee

  • Students who are former employees may already have an existing account.
  • NOTE: If you no longer have an active appointment with UC Merced, access to the UCLC becomes automatically deactivated based on the last date of work.
  • If you can't gain access, email to verify and request an affiliate account.
  • Once you are added as an Affiliate again, it will take approximately 2-5 days for your account to re-activate.
  • Must have an active UCM NetID (email).

Graduate Student

  • When someone graduates they loose access to all services except email.
  • If you are currently employed with UC Merced, see employee above.
  • If had previous access to the UCLC and not a current employee, to re-activate your account, supervisor needs to contact their department MSO to enter the account as an affiliate with an end date.
  • Must have an active UCM NetID (email).

Additional Troubleshooting (to consider if you experience issues with the UCLC or courses)

  1. Log in from the main UCLC webpage; sometimes URL's and saved links may have become outdated.
  2. Ensure your browser settings are compatible
  1. Consider switching browsers; please try a different browser - Chrome has the most success rate.
  2. Try using a different computer.
  3. You should log out of UC Learning Center, clear your browser cache then try again.
  4. If using:
Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Microsoft moves away from continuing to support the browser; see announcement and timeline.
  • Effective 11/30/2020, EVERFI courses (Sexual Harassment Prevention) will no longer be supported on IE.  For more information on alternative browsers for an optimal experience, please visit EVERFI’s minimum system requirements.

A recent change in Safari auto-play functionality may impact how audio functions in some elearning courses, including the UCPath WBTs. Depending upon the version of Safari and the user’s browser settings, affected users may find that while the course auto-plays upon launch, no audio can be heard.

Quick fix:  Toggle the audio button in the playbar (off/on), then sound will play normally for the remainder of the course.


Recommended browser setting:

  1. Log into the UC Learning Center using Safari.
  2. Select Safari > Settings for This Website

  1.    Select Auto-Play: Allow All Auto-Play for the site (


  1. If access to the UCLC has not been established, please email and include in your information:
  • if possible, include a screenshot of the error message you received
  • whether you’re able to access other campus services such as UCPath, payroll, etc.
  • Browser:
    (a) what browser and version you are using;
    (b) and, what operating system

In your response to us, providing as much information as possible will assist us in resolving access issues quickly.

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