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Employee & Labor Relations

The Employee and Labor Relations function of the Human Resources Department is commonly associated with matters such as investigations, counseling and disciplinary actions, but that certainly is not its primary mission. This critical HR component operates as a nexus between staff and management, bridging gaps that oftentimes seem insurmountable to either party. Through various forms of intervention, including problem-solving, mediation, training and counseling, Labor Relations offers balanced advocacy to management and individual employees to protect their respective rights and facilitate a more harmonious work environment.

The Labor Relations Office provides assistance and advice to UCM managers and supervisors in the following areas:

  • Performance Management
  • Layoff Planning
  • Discipline & Dismissal
  • Contract interpretation and administration (Union contracts and relevant personnel policies)
  • Complaint/Grievance processing (represented and non-represented staff)
  • Represents management in employee disputes/grievance proceedings
  • Mediates/negotiates resolution of complaints with employee representatives
  • Responds to union information requests

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Blanca Trenado 
Employee & Labor Relations Manager
Felice Sanchez
Labor Relations Consultant
Ashlee McNeill
Labor Relations Consultant
Jennifer Terry
Employee Relations Consultant

Michelle Joyner
Employee Relations Consultant