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Communication Playbook

Insight into connecting thoughtfully, from Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner.

 From the Playbook: Have you ever been in a conversation that gets so escalated, you lose focus on the purpose of the conversation? Perhaps you even forget what started the escalation and struggle to move in a productive direction. If you find yourself in a challenging conversation this week and need to get unstuck, try this three-step process to help reset the conversation. ... Read More
Have you ever had a friend, colleague or family member walk into the other room while you were sharing about a challenge, a concern or even an exciting opportunity and that person yells back, “I’m still listening”? Or perhaps someone starts texting or emailing while you are talking as they tell you to keep going? How does that feel?  Do you feel important?  Do you want... Read More
Conflict often produces fight-flight-freeze responses in our body, which increases our tendency to look for more conflict or threats in our environment. One way we can reduce or prevent this response is by focusing on appreciation and gratitude, both with ourselves and with our university colleagues, direct reports or supervisors. You may be thinking you are too busy to offer an appreciation... Read More
Have you noticed that your team communicates or collaborates differently when working remotely? It’s a shift many teams have encountered as we navigate the pandemic, and it’s something that should be addressed. Having clear and agreed-upon norms and expectations about how communication and collaboration happens within your team can minimize the stress and uncertainty of this new way... Read More