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Communication Playbook

Insight into connecting thoughtfully, from Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner.

I have been contributing to this blog on a weekly basis for nearly 10 months now. I have always approached this space with a mindset of what information or perspective could not only help individuals reading this, but also how could it benefit the system in which we all operate. I have discussed topics I thought might be relevant to you, the reader, with the hope that I could add a bit more... Read More
At this point in May’s Speaking your Truth series, we have discovered how to identify your truth , how to speak your truth with confidence and how to help other’s speak their truth . However, when we find ourselves in situations where we need to speak our truth, we are sometimes met with resistance from others. Resistance can take many shapes and forms. For example, others may... Read More
In parts one and two of the Speaking your Truth series, we discussed how to identify and then speak the underlying interest, value, area of importance, priority or need that fuels our ideas, opinions and solutions in our communication. I hope by this point in the series you are starting to see that speaking is easy to do, but being clear about your priorities and values, while being flexible... Read More
This week we will discuss strategies to speak your truth with confidence. If you did not read last week’s post on Identifying your Truth, I highly encourage you review that post first, as the first step in communicating your truth is knowing your truth. Communicating your truth comes with three important considerations. Think of your truth as firm and solid ground you can stand on. When... Read More
In this May series, we will discuss how to speak your truth, navigate other people’s reactions to your truth and help others find and speak their truth. What do I mean when I say, “speak your truth?” It is being able to communicate your needs, ideas, boundaries and even your convictions to others without wavering and in a way that other people can hear you. This is often done in... Read More