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Communication Playbook

Insight into connecting thoughtfully, from Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner.

So far this month we have talked about how our emotions can show up at work and how to navigate them productively and professionally. This week, we expand our conversation to explore how to navigate, engage with or disengage from other people’s emotions in the workplace. Before we jump into some tips for this topic, let’s remind ourselves that just as it is normal for us to have... Read More
When thinking about intervention, we must acknowledge that once cortisol and adrenaline get into our system, there is often an impact we are not always cognizant of (please read last week’s post about our bodies’ chemical reactions to strong emotions.)We can’t stop ourselves from being triggered, but we can manage it once it happens. Below there are some intervention tips to... Read More
This month we are exploring emotions in the workplace and what we can or should do when they emerge. Last week we discussed some key assumptions that will be important to understand as we continue this exploration. This week we are going to discuss how emotions can impact your decision-making and ability to make productive responses and choices in the workplace. First of all, you should know... Read More
Imagine a time when you felt an emotion at work. Were you sad, angry, frustrated or perhaps happy, excited, thrilled? How did you respond during that emotional experience? Throughout August, we will explore emotions at work. What are they? Why are they important? What should we do with them? I hope you will join us in creating some better understandings about how our emotions show up at work... Read More
Have you ever had a problem in work or life that you were stuck on? Perhaps it was a behavior that you couldn’t start or stop doing. Or maybe it had to do with your relationship or communication with another person and you just couldn’t figure out how to change your own behavior, your own response to the problem or couldn’t influence the situation to be more positive. This week... Read More