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Communication Playbook

Insight into connecting thoughtfully, from Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner.

Bridges have always fascinated me. When I look at a bridge, I see an incredible amount of thought, planning and construction expertise to erect a path sturdy enough for decades of travel. It is truly remarkable to think that we can connect completely different land regions. If we can perform such an architectural marvel with a mastery of... Read More

Keeping up with all the new TV shows on the numerous streaming services has become a bit overwhelming, and I know the last thing any of us needs is to hear about a new show on a relatively new service that we should watch. Yet, here I am to say … you should watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. And I share this with you for leadership development... Read More

A new year often brings a feeling of renewal and rejuvenation as we set goals, intentions and resolutions in our lives. This is usually when we try to make changes to our diet, our routines and other aspects of our lives. How often are we successful and follow through on our resolutions? 

What is often missed in these agendasetting... Read More

Imagine your supervisor asks you to work the next five weekends to help complete a project that is behind schedule. You share with a friend that your supervisor is being unreasonable because you have previously scheduled family commitments during many of the upcoming weekends. Your friend asks if you told your supervisor your concerns and you say, “... Read More

Communicating ideas, proposals or a report in a presentation can be a daunting task. These presentations are opportunities for you to share important information with your colleagues, stakeholders or leaders.  

From the Playbook: With the end of the year approaching, many of us likely will... Read More