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Communication Playbook

Insight into connecting thoughtfully, from Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner.

There is so much that can get in our way on our path to success and happiness. It could be our environment, our upbringing, other people, past traumas, a need for skill development or even that one pesky habit that distracts us from keeping our eyes on our goals and dreams. With everything that can get in our way, there is one mental shortcut that we all do that can contributing factor. The... Read More
Welcome back to our Working Forward series and it is my pleasure to bring back our Talent Development Manager, Kevin Reyes, to share some more pro tips on building relationships in the workplace. Is it alright if we just dive in, Kevin? Hi there, and thanks for having me back. I figured the last time I said so much that I wouldn’t have to return for months! Yes, let’s get... Read More
For the past several weeks, the Communication Playbook blog has addressed the challenges faculty and staff face as those who worked remotely during the pandemic begin to return to campus facilities. Luke Wiesner, UC Merced’s conflict resolution coach, has logged several insightful posts, with guest appearances by Talent Development Director Kevin Reyes. We invite you to use Communication... Read More
What did we learn about ourselves working from home during the pandemic? How can we support each other and communicate compassionately in the weeks to come as we transition to on-site schedules? For this week’s post in the Working Forward series, I invited Talent Development Manager Kevin Reyes to drop by and answer some questions. Join us as Kevin applies his infectious enthusiasm to a... Read More
As we seek to find our new way of working and what that means for us as individuals, it is also important to be thinking about what it means for our teams and who we collaborate with. This post is geared for supervisors and managers who may be tasked with setting new expectations with their teams. However, even if you are not a supervisor or manager, this post may give you some insight to how to... Read More