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UC Core Competency ABCs


The University of California system has collaboratively adopted key competencies for all staff, including supervisors and managers.

UC Core Competency ABCs provide a guideline to identify skills of the individual employee.  Through shared competencies, staff and managers create an environment of continuous learning, career growth and development, and contribute to the overall success of the university.


The purpose of the 2020 UC Core Competency Model for staff is to serve as the basis of UC’s integrated talent management strategy. Establishing core competencies at the systemwide level helps staff employees understand how UC views talent and promotes behaviors that reflects UC’s vision and values.

The updated 2020 UC Core Competency Model describes expected performance behaviors of staff and managers of staff at the University of California, where seeking excellence in mission accomplishment is the standard. Additionally, the core competencies described in this model are expected to be demonstrated by all staff employees of the University, regardless of location, level or role. People manager/leader behavior standards are additive expectations for success at UC.

Explore the ABCs in detail by clicking on the links below or view more detailed explanations of the Core Competencies. Within each Core Competency are a set of behavioral anchors that also apply to all UC employees, regardless of location, level or role within the University. To view those in more detail, click the following link: Core Competency Behavioral Anchors.


UC Core Competency ABCs

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