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Exit Interview

I. Purpose

The purpose of conducting exit interviews is to obtain feedback about UC Merced’s work environment and the factors that may have contributed to an employee’s decision to leave employment. This feedback will enable UC Merced to identify any trends requiring attention or any opportunities for improving UC Merced’s ability to respond to employee concerns. It will also allow UC Merced the ability to improve and continue to develop recruitment and retention strategies aimed at addressing the feedback.

Gartner administers the exit survey. Gartner also administers the survey at other UC locations and hundreds of organizations across the country. Participants are guaranteed data security and can remain anonymous when completing the survey.

This procedure is to be adopted when members of UC Merced voluntarily separate from employment.

II. Scope

This procedure applies to all voluntary staff resignations, this includes career, contract, limited appointments. Exceptions include academic appointments, casual-restricted appointments (student employees), and employees terminated for cause.

III. Procedure:

1. School/Division/Department is responsible for initiating voluntary separation process with Central Payroll Office.

2. Central Payroll Office is responsible for providing Employee and Labor Relations ( ) with the name of the employee and date of resignation.

3. Within 24hrs, Employee & Labor Relations is responsible for contacting the separating employee with email invitation* to participate in UCM’s exit interview. Invitation will be sent to employee’s work email. *Attachment I: Invitation to Exit Survey – Requesting Your Feedback.

4. In person exit-interview request. Employee & Labor Relations Representative will contact the employee via email with an invitation to participate in an exit interview at a mutually convenient time, only if the employee has made the request for an in-person interview. The exit interview will take place as soon as possible.

The employee will be asked a standard set of questions, consistent with those asked on the online exit interview. The employee will be given a chance to discuss any concerns or information they feel would be beneficial to know about their employment experience at UC Merced. If any issues require additional follow-up, the Employee & Labor Relations Manager will be notified.

IV. Voluntary Participation and Confidentiality

Employees are responsible for participating in the exit interview process on a voluntary basis. When employees choose to participate in the exit interview process, they are encouraged to be honest in their responses. The information received through Exit Interviews is confidential. The results of multiple surveys will be summarized for the campus on a periodical basis. Individual responses will not be given to supervisors, managers or departments.

Information received on survey that is related to Sexual Harssment, Discrimination, and/or improper governenmental activies will be reported to the appropriate University Office for review and follow-up (if any).


Gartner provides anonymized quarterly report of responses. Reports are loaded into a secure electronic file and accessible by Chief Human Resources Officer, HR Directors, and Employee & Labor Relations. Employee & Labor Relations will notify the Chief Human Resources Office and Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff to Chancellor when quarterly reports are available. The Chief HR Officer will review the data and make presentation to Cabinet noting trends and identifying strategies to enhance the staff experience at least twice per year.

V. Online Exit Survey Link

The survey should take anywhere from 10-15 minutes depending on how much feedback is offered.

The link below is the open link to the exit survey. Once you click on this link and open it in your browser it becomes your personal survey link and the URL that appears in your browser is unique to you.

Online Exit Survey Link

Attachment I: Invitation to Exit Survey – Requesting Your Feedback