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How to Request the Reclassification of a Position

A step-by-step guide to initiating
a Reclassification Request at UC Merced

Step 1

Gather Required Documents

Each document will be attached separately to the request form.

  • Current/Old position description.
  • New position description.
    • Non-represented position descriptions must be created using Job Builder
    • Represented positions must use the Position Description Template.
    • Note: The job standard is not to be used as a position description. Each position description template needs to be edited according to the actual functions of the specific position.
  • The updated organizational chart is showing structure if Reclassification is approved. (Please be sure current payroll titles are listed on the Organization Chart)
  • The brief written justification for the request related to one (or more) of the following:
    • Permanent assignment of responsibilities/duties outside of current classification.
    • Permanent assignment of higher-level functions that warrant reclassification.
    • Reorganization of department or unit within the department outlining change in duties.
  • Please have the following information readily available to fill out in the “Explanation and Justification” section; Location of the position (please refer to list), Reports to, FTE % time (i.e. 50%, 100%).

Incomplete packets will not be accepted.


Step 2

Initiate the Reclassification Request

Log on to eDoc and complete a Reclassification Request form.

For more information view the guide on How to Complete an eDoc Request Form

Step 3


After review, notification of approval or denial is automatically sent to everyone in the approval chain.

Step 4

Next Steps…

If approved, complete a Payroll Worksheet and attach the approved Reclassification Request.


Once a complete Position Review packet is received, it is logged, numbered and assigned to a Compensation Consultant. Requests are typically processed in the order they are received. If there are any questions, the consultant will contact the individual named as the primary contact. Once an analysis has been completed and reviewed by the Compensation unit, the department will be notified of the recommendation.

The effective date of any change in classification or compensation for exempt employees will be effective the first available pay cycle after the reclassification is received by Compensation. For employees that are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the effective date will follow the applicable CBA guidelines.