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Compensation Strategy 2014

Campus leadership is aware of compensation-related concerns centering on classification and competitive pay practices. The hiring projections over the next few years and the anticipated budgetary pressures will likely exacerbate the current compensation issues. As a result, it was determined that a compensation philosophy and strategy was needed to help guide campus decisions regarding hiring, conducting equity reviews for existing staff, assessing staffing needs, and addressing staff complaints, prioritizing all within a budgetary framework.

Chancellor Leland has approved the adoption of a three-year strategy for implementing a new compensation policy for UC Merced.  It is designed to:

  • Attract and retain talent by increasing the average range of market percentile for UC non-represented staff from the current 31% to at least 45%;
  • Achieve greater fairness at UC Merced by addressing salary inequities across the campus within similar job functions and between recent and early hires; and
  • Invest in job functions most critical for achieving campus priorities for Project 2020.

This strategy is the result of a nine-month process that began with a series of listening lessons with managers and non-represented staff.  These sessions helped identify some of the greatest pain points with our current compensation situation.  A full report on those sessions can be found at   

The series of listening sessions was followed by an independent analysis of UC Merced salaries, and from this analysis emerged a philosophy, which can be found at

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