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This free, one-year program for all UC employees and their families teach you how to make meaningful and lasting changes that can drastically reduce your chances of developing diabetes. 
In the pursuit of helping all members of the campus community maintain positive self care. UC Merced offers Staff, Faculty, and Students premium access to enjoy a free subscription to Calm, the #1 sleep and meditation app. 
Ergonomics Program
Focuses on designing workstations, tools and tasks for safety, efficiency and comfort.  Efficient ergonomic designs and work practives reduce occupational injuries, discomfort and fatigue, and improve productivity and employee job satisfaction.
This 8-week program can help you stay focused on eating healthy and fitting in exercise - a great way to keep off the extra pounds! 

Family Care Resources
UC provides access to Bright Horizons Care Advantage, a web-based resource for finding childcare, eldercare, and other family care providers.

Statewide Wellbeing Initiative
The Systemwide Wellbeing Initiative unties faculty and staff across UC in its mission to improve our collective emotional, financial, nutritional and physical wellbeing.  By sponsoring programs, resources, and events, the initiative aims to provide and make easily accessible to all employees the tools and knowledge needed to lead a healthy and thriving life.

UC Moves (formerly known as UC Walk)
UC Moves is an annual UC-wide wellbeing initiative that promotes wellness and an active lifestyle in the UC Community. The event encourages the UC Merced community to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine and reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week

Smoke and tobacco free
UC is committed to providing a tobacco-free environment.  To support the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy and help those who want to quit smoking.

UC Merced is committed to providing a drug-free learning and working environment for students and employees.  UC Merced's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs (DAAPP) are intended to support student and employee health, safety and security by increasing awareness, preventing abuse, and decreasing potential
drug and alcohol related crime.
INSIGHT Employee Assistance Program offers employees and their household dependents 3 counseling sessions every six months with a licensed professional to assist with work/life concerns. Employees are also entitled to a free 30-minute legal and financial consultation. All services are private and confidential.