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Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP)


The UC Merced Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP) is a volunteer career development program that matches experienced UC Merced staff (mentors) with staff members (mentees) seeking  mentoring and professional development.  Now with group sessions integrated in the cohort, additional benefits and goals add value during the participation of this program. This annual program provides the opportunity for mentors to share their knowledge and experience with  mentees to better equip mentees to become future leaders and/or to excel in their chosen field. The  mentorship program matches mentors and mentees based on their interests and career path experiences.

Program Outcomes
Campus community members who participate in all five sessions of CAMP will:
  • Assess personal strengths by completing a Strengths Finder assessment;
  • Develop a vision and goals for their career plan;
  • Take action by completing an individual development plan;
  • Meet, interview and learn career pathing strategies from campus leadership; and
  • Reflect upon and examine their authentic selves to imagine their futures.
The 2023-2024 Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP) is currently on hiatus.
Please check back here for program updates.
Additional Information Resources
  • Schedule of Commitment
    (Program currently on hiatus – will return to active programming in 2024)