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Office of the Chancellor

TAM Project

Talent Acquisition Manager

UC Merced is moving to a new staff applicant tracking system that will make it easier for candidates and recruiters to manage and apply for jobs online. Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) will replace the current system, PAWS. TAM will launch at UC Merced on June 1 in tandem with completion of the UC-wide deployment of UCPath. The project does not replace current student or academic job postings platforms.

UPDATE: TAM launches with better tools to search, apply for staff jobs

TAM features intuitive, easy-to-use pages for every step in the recruiting process, allowing employees and external candidates to search, view and apply for positions. With built-in applicant tracking, recruiters can focus on the most important outcome – identifying and hiring talent quickly.

TAM is expected to provide an application experience that’s more streamlined than PAWS, with features such as resume parsing and automatic application status notifications. TAM also ensures a recruitment process that complies with state and federal employment regulations.

What Does TAM Mean For:

A Job Applicant

  • TAM features intuitive, easy-to-use pages for every step in the recruiting process, allowing employees and external candidates to search, view and apply for positions.

    • TAM features internal-only postings. Internal-only jobs are positions open only to UC Merced employees. Staff will be able to access TAM through the UCPath portal by selecting Recruiting Workcenter in the menu, then selecting UC Merced Campus Careers link.

    • External applicants who have account information in PAWS will need to create a new username and password for TAM.

  • Job searches are intuitive. Applicants can look for positions by keywords and can save keyword searches.

  • TAM features application status notifications and resume parsing, which allows an applicant to complete an application quickly by downloading their resume and auto-filling work history based on their resume import

A Hiring Manager

Hiring managers do not need to be trained to use TAM, as all tasks on the platform will be assigned to recruiters. The review of a position’s basic qualifications will be the recruiter’s responsibility, saving valuable time for the hiring manager and ensuring consistency. Services provided by the recruiting team will be fully customizable and for every recruitment, the level of service provided will be discussed during the hiring manager intake review. 

  • Tactical Level Support. The recruiter will disposition applicants and route all who meet the basic minimum qualifications of the position to the hiring manager. This level of service will result in the highest number of applicants for hiring manager review.

  • Partner Level Support. The recruiter will disposition and screen all qualified applicants based on the position’s basic minimum qualifications. The recruiter will summarize the screen results and send the packet of screened qualified candidates to the hiring manager, who will determine which candidates are moved into the interview phase.

  • Compliance Requirements. A hiring manager must complete the following checkpoints with the assigned recruiter for all levels of recruitment support (this does not change from current practices).

    • Send final interview questions and scoring rubric for review and approval before interviews; be sure to include at least one question based on diversity, equity or inclusion.

    • Send final disposition instructions, reference request and interview score results to recruiter. An offer letter will be approved once all compliance documents are received.

  • Additional Services. A hiring manager may request support such as creation of interview guides, committee training at committee kick-off meetings, and other consultative actions.

Preparing for TAM

Implementing TAM will require Talent Acquisition staff in Human Resources to wrap up recruitment actions for staff in the PAWS system well before the June 2020 go-live target.

Talent Acquisition customers are asked to meet the following deadlines, which will allow a variety of recruitment actions to take place, including:

  • Posting Request Pause – In late May, Talent Acquisition will briefly pause accepting job posting requests. All other recruitment activities will continue as usual.

  • Migrating Job Postings – Between May 26-31, all job postings will be removed from the UC Merced Careers webpage to allow migration to TAM. On June 1, all staff postings will resume in TAM.


Please review the following deadlines and implementation timeline for recruitment cutover activities.


Recruitment Action

Monday, May 4th Recruiters will reach out to all HM with current active recruitment as of May 25th to plan for TAM transition. 
Tuesday, May 26 -Sunday, May 31                                                                                                                                                                                   

Job Posting Pause – No recruitment requests accepted. All job postings removed from UC Merced Job pages. Special communications planned for Jobs website.


All job requisition requests submitted per usual. Postings appear on UC Merced Job Pages.