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Employment Frequently Asked Questions for Hiring Managers

Is the PAWS system secure?
Yes. The site uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that the information is secure. However, it is still important that all users log out after they use the system to ensure proper desktop security. In addition, if you are stepping away from your computer for a moment, we advise that you lock your workstation so others cannot see your screen or access the system information.

How do I sort applicants in PAWS?
The list of applicants is automatically sorted alphabetically by last name. You can sort applications by any of these criteria: Last Name, First Name, Withdrawn, Not Qualified (NQ), Meets Qualifications, Exceeds Qualifications, Exceeds/Preferred Qualifications, Interviewed, Offer Made, or Hired. To sort the applicants, click on the arrow next to the heading.  For example, to sort by applicant first name, click on the arrow next to the heading ‘First Name’. This will sort the applicants by first name in descending order.  Click the arrow again to sort in ascending order.  You can do this with any of the categories.

How do I update applicant statuses in PAWS?
When you begin reviewing applications, the status of all applicants should be marked as one of the following: Not Qualified (NQ), Meets Qualifications, Exceeds Qualifications or Exceeds/Preferred Qualification.

Once the hiring committee decides who is qualified and selected to be interviewed or not interviewed, you should change the status of the selected applicants. 

To indicate your interview candidates, select ‘Interviewed’. Keep in mind, you will need to provide comments for why the candidate was or was not hired.

How do I select a candidate for hire in PAWS?
Log in to PAWS Administration and select the position you’d like to hire for.

All applicants will be listed alphabetically by last name.

For each applicant, you can view the application, cover letter and résumé.

Upon development of all screening criteria, applicants are screened by the hiring committee and marked as NQ, Meets Qualifications, etc.

Identify at least 3 candidates that you will interview for the position.

When completing the disposition in PAWS, a text box will appear in which you need to further explain your evaluation of each interviewee.

The hiring committee will then contact all candidates selected for interviews, conduct each interview and decide which candidate is the most qualified for the position.

For the selected candidate, change the status in PAWS to Offer Made or Hired and enter your reasons in the Comments section.

Please be sure you check references, complete disposition, attain offer letter approval and consult with Talent Acquisition Services before making a job offer.

How do I correctly complete the disposition?
You can view each candidate’s application, cover letter and résumé in PAWS.

A good first step is for the hiring committee or hiring manager to go through and evaluate whether each applicant is qualified or not qualified and mark each applicant accordingly.

Efficiency Tip: Since many of our positions attract a large quantity of applicants, the disposition should be completed as you screen candidates.

A successful recruitment should have a minimum of 5 candidates with a status of Meets Qualifications and a minimum of 3 applicants selected for interview.

When completing the disposition in PAWS, a comment box will appear in which you need to further explain your evaluation of each interviewee.

For the selected candidate, change the status to Offer Made or Hired and enter your reasons in the Comments section.

To finalize the disposition, each candidate must have a status selection marked, each interviewee must have comments in the comment section and at least one applicant must be marked as Hired. At this point, click ‘Save’. After this has been completed, a ‘Finalize’ button will appear. Click ‘Finalize’ and the disposition is complete.

Remember that all applicants who were interviewed but not selected for hire need to be contacted by someone in the hiring committee to let them know that the position has been filled. All applicants who were not selected for an interview will be notified via email by Human Resources.

How do I prepare and submit a Recruitment Request Form?
1. Determine recruitment plan/strategy for your particular position.  This includes planning your advertisement including your diversity plan.

2. Establish an interview committee and timeline for your process.

3. Complete a Recruitment Request Form (RRF) through eDoc.  (click here for Help with eDoc)

4. If you wish to use a search firm for your recruitment, please consult Talent Acquisition Services for a list of UC approved firms.

Visit our “How to Hire Staff” page for more information.

How do I save my work in PAWS?
You can save your work along the way by clicking on the “save” button at the bottom of each page.  It is highly recommended you save intermittently as the system may time out after no activity.