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How to Hire Staff at UC Merced

A step-by-step guide to initiating a new staff recruitment at UC Merced

Step 1

Job Description Update

  1. Determine if there is a vacancy to be filled.
  2. Determine whether to recall, recruit, restructure or re-organize.
  3. Determine the appointment type – career, limited, or contract.
  4. Obtain appropriate funding (if necessary).
  5. Update/Create a job description and ensure classification has been approved by Compensation.

How to Request the Classification of a New Position

Step 2

Initiate Recruitment Request via eDoc

  1. Complete a Recruitment Request Form (RRF) through eDoc . (click here for help with eDoc)
  2. Recruitment request must be approved by Office of Budget before being routed to Human Resources.

Step 3

Recruitment Strategy – Recruiter Intake

  1. HR Recruiter will schedule intake within 48 hours of receipt of recruitment request by HR.
  2. Recruiter will work with Hiring Manager (or designee) to identify
  • Position minimum requirements and preferred requirements.
  • Direct advertising
  • Identify AA Plan utilization goals
  • Timeline/plan for recruitment
  1. The position will be posted based on request.
  2. The recruiter will provide support and consultation as needed.

Step 4

Next Steps

How to Screen and Interview Prospective Staff

Need an expert? Contact Talent Acquisition in Human Resources or call 209-228-8247.

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

These instructions apply only to hiring staff employees. Please be sure you check references, complete disposition, attain offer letter approval and consult with Talent Acquisition before making a job offer.