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Use of Sick Leave and Vacation During Medical Leave

During any FMLA leave, the use of sick and vacation time must be coordinated with the Leaves Office. Once the FMLA determination has been made, the Leaves Office will work with Payroll to initiate the appropriate payroll procedures. The Leaves Office will fill out a Leave of Absence Notice Form and forward it to the appropriate payroll processor, who will enter the leave information into the employee database. This may include placing the employee on leave without pay status if the employee does not have adequate sick leave or vacation for the entire leave period.

See Continuation of Benefits for more information about your options for continuing benefits while on leave.

Payroll procedures during a leave resulting from an injury while at work vary slightly from other medical leaves. While on a Workers Compensation leave, the employee continues to accrue full vacation and sick leave proportionate to the appointment percentage, and is paid for all holidays while on leave. The employee may use sick leave and vacation leave to supplement the Workers Compensation payments. All payroll procedures during Workers Compensation leave will be coordinated by the leaves office in conjunction with Payroll.