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Office of the Chancellor

Return to Work Following Medical Leave

Prior to returning to work following a medical leave, written authorization from the employee’s healthcare provider is required. A Return to Work Certification form is included in the FMLA packet for this purpose. Please note that an employee may not return to work without first submitting a Return to Work Certification that states that the employee is able to work, listing any restrictions on normal duties. If an employee comes to work without providing the required documentation, please send the employee home until s/he provides medical certification that s/he is able to return to work.

The day the employee returns to work, please ask the employee to contact the Leaves Office to confirm the return to work, and fax or email a copy of the Return to Work Certification if the employee provided it on the day of return. If the employee has been out on an extended leave, the employee may be required to also fill out a UPAY 850 Enrollment Form to reinstate benefits.

An employee returning to work from a medical leave may need to work a modified schedule during the medical recovery period. It is usually in the unit’s best interest to provide transitional and modified work to reduce future lost workdays. The Leaves Office will work with the supervisor on the process of developing a plan for the employee’s return to work.