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Developing Our People

Many of you may be asking, “how do we stay connected or set goals in uncertain times, with competing priorities, or remotely working?” To support continued professional or performance development and feedback within the campus community our Talent Development team offers the following courses and tools.

The following courses are being offered via the UC Learning Center:

Keep in Touch – performance check-ins
Curious about the impact of checking in with your supervisor, discussing progress with your team, or just a regular coffee break? In this collaborative discussion you will identify ways you can enhance your communications, develop strategies to increase engagement, and plan for regular check-ins with your supervisor, team, or peers.

You Can Do It! – performance and development coaching
Put me in coach! What are the ways to solicit and deliver impactful coaching? In this session you will review the coaching continuum, review the various types of coaching, identify your potential coaching need or identify ways you can coach yourself, your team, or coach up!

Where Do We Go Now? – collaborative goal setting
Goals developed with your team, your supervisor, and your peers are more impactful, more achievable, and more successful. In this collaborative discussion you will review a plan for collaborative goal setting, identify the drivers of collaboration on goals, and create a plan for developing your goals with the input of your team.

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