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Lactation Rooms - On Campus



Kolligian Library:
1st floor adjacent to the women's restroom, T1-5
 Classroom and Office Building 2:  
3rd floor, 3T3 across from 312 
Social Sciences and Management Building: 2nd floor, SSM-214 
Arts and Computational Sciences: 2nd floor, ACS-224 
Administration Building: 2nd floor, Admin-201 
Sustainability Research and Engineering: 1st floor, SRE 143 
 El Portal Student Housing:
1st floor, room 131 

 Science and Engineering Building 2: 3rd floor, SOE2-312 

Glacier Point Student Housing: 1st floor, Room 118

Student Services Building: 2nd floor, Lactation Room #2T3  

Student Activities and Athletic Center: 1st Floor, Adjacent Room in Women's Restroom, 1T2A

Biomedical Science and Physics Building: BSP-015 

Early Childhood Education (ECEC): Room 110