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New Employee Orientation's (NEO) Three-stage Process



To promote a culture of inquiry, discovery and learning and to engage and retain exceptional employees, New Employee Orientation (NEO) redefines expectations for employee engagement in the workplace by facilitating a three-stage on-line learning and in-person participatory and experiential orientation process.

Stage One: Online (flipped) Learning with NEO’s eBook

Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment.  NEO is a flipped learning environment where new employees will have access to orientation information and additional new employee information (video and e-book) before the in-person orientation.

Upon hire, the new employee will gain access to an introductory eBook and video, which contains critical information and deadlines for the first 3 months on the job.

Stage Two: In-person Interactive Orientation

After the online introduction, the new employee and his/her supervisor will attend an in-person orientation that helps the new hire to identify core values and align them with UC Merced’s vision to help propel the organization forward.

The in-person interactive (participatory and experiential) orientation provides space for clarification, guidance and feedback from experts; organizational socialization; personal identity (emphasizing newcomers‘ authentic best selves) socialization; and introduction to the Build Your Network program.

The in-person interactive orientation agenda includes: 

  1. Expert facilitation and discussion: experts facilitate conversation, help new employees find clarification and offer guidance and feedback.
  2. Organizational socialization information: new employees acquire the values and social knowledge needed to assume an active role as a member of the organization.
  3. Personal identity and agency exercise: new employees’ will identify their personal identity and authentic best selves and identify how to exercise their best selves at work. A personal identity  exercise is facilitated for a professional development learning experience.
  4. Build Your Network Program: NEO partnered with the office of Campus Climate and Staff Assembly to provide a Build Your Network program. Experienced UC Merced staff members known as ambassadors will provide sponsorship and offer social, cultural and professional guidance and feedback for newcomers. Staff Assembly solicited participation from campus members via the  Committee on Committee process.  Topics within the BYN program support program participant outcomes.

Stage Three: Continued participation in the Build Your Network (BYN) program

The Build Your Network program is an optional six-month on-boarding program led by campus ambassadors that offers social, cultural and professional guidance to newcomers as they further acclimate to life at UC Merced. Learn about the BYN program by visiting the website.