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Rehiring a UC Retiree

To ensure the effectiveness of the University of California's practices regarding the reemployment of retirees, the University has enacted a policy for retired UC employees who return to UC in Staff or Senior Management Group (SMG) positions.

Under the policy, retirees may be reemployed by the University in accordance with the provisions of the policy in certain instances to help fill a particular staffing need on a part-time basis and for limited duration as a result of University Need.

Note:  All reemployment of retirees, including extensions, requires approval through HR process prior to job offer and hire.   

Please contact Talent Acquisition prior to the appointment of any retiree, to ensure you understand the restrictions and the grandfather provisions noted in policy

The policy applies to former employees who elect either lump sum cash out or a UCRP monthly retirement benefit.  It includes the following provisions:

  • Reemployment must result from University need, for example: the retired employee possesses skills and institutional knowledge that the hiring department cannot otherwise obtain with equal cost effectiveness; the hiring department anticipates a prolonged process for hiring a replacement; or the hiring department anticipates that the retired employee will assist the replacement in acquiring necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Reemployment must not occur until there has been a break in service of at least 30 days, and preferably 90 days. In addition, employees who have not reached normal retirement age (defined by UCRP as age 60 for most members and age 50 for Safety members), must not engage in discussions concerning reemployment until after they have received their first monthly payment or lump sum cash out or 30 days after separation, whichever is later.
  • The appointment must be limited to no more than 43 percent time in a 12-month period.
  • Employment of a retiree must not exceed a total of 12 months. If reemployment is necessary after 12 months, the request for continued employment must follow the same policy approval process as the original appointment under policy.
  • When a retired employee is reemployed on a temporary basis into a career position, the job must be posted and a search begun within 30 days of the vacancy being created, and a minimum 30-day recruitment period must be held.

Department Responsibilities:

Note:  Any significant change to the appointment requires consultation with HR and approval through campus process prior to the employment action.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the request for compliance to policy, i.e. appointment type, percentage, duration of the appointment, etc. and routes through campus approval process.
    • Submits the request, following policy guidelines, to the Employment Manager who will review with Chief Human Resources Officer for approval.  Note: exceptions to policy will require the Chancellor’s approval.
  • Advises the department of decision (approval or denial)
  • If approved, instructs the department to submit a requisition for the employment action per campus Recruitment Procedures to allow the retiree to submit employment application for review of qualifications by HR to ensure the requirements for the position are met.