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How to Plan for a New Team Member


A step-by-step guide to preparing for a newly hired employee

Step 1

Determine location and equipment for new hire

  1. Determine the work location of the new employee.  If a new computer is required, make sure you have all necessary equipment by the start date of the new employee.
  2. Work with your MSO/Administrative Officer to set up the new employee’s:
    1. email address
    2. desk phone
    3. network access and/or equipment that is necessary for the position.
  3. Order business cards if necessary.


Confirm arrival details with new hire

  1. Two to three days prior to arrival, contact new hire to confirm:
    1. Arrival date and time
    2. Directions to work site
    3. Where to park, what entrance to use and who to ask for
    4. Dress code, acceptable personal items and other unique protocols
    5. Lunch options and plans for socialization event
    6. New hire paperwork requirements
  2. Send email confirmation of phone call

Step 3

Coordinate pre-start activities

  1. Schedule an appointment with payroll.
  2. Schedule an appointment for a background check, if necessary.
  3. Determine availability of you and your staff to orient and train the new employee.
  4. Generate a schedule for day 1 and week 1 (and so forth).
    1. Determine objectives/goals for the first day and who will assist the new employee. 
    2. Set up meetings to introduce employee to any external department staff they may work with.
  5. Schedule a welcoming staff meeting for the employees first day or week.  This will allow time to welcome the employee to the department and create a feeling of inclusion immediately.  
  6. Schedule a campus tour to acquaint the new employee to campus (contact students first center to schedule a tour).
  7. Refer employee to the New Employee Resources page.
  8. Register employee for New Employee Orientation, held every first Friday of the month.

Step 4

Schedule probationary performance review

Schedule a three month and six month probationary performance review at the employee’s start date.


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Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.

These instructions apply only to hiring staff employees. Please be sure you check references, complete disposition, attain offer letter approval and consult with Talent Acquisition before making a job offer.