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Continuation of Benefits

UC pays the employer contribution for health care coverage (medical, dental and vision) while you are on Family & Medical Leave (FML). You must still pay the employee portion of the health care coverage.

When you’re on unpaid leave of absence (including the time you’re receiving disability income from Lincoln Financial Group), UC cannot deduct the benefits premiums since you’re not receiving a paycheck from the UC, therefore, you must make direct payment for benefits premiums if you wish to continue benefits during unpaid leave of absence.

You should receive a Benefit Summary, and Benefit Election Form from your UCPath Center when taking an unpaid leave of absence. During your leave, you will receive Benefits Billing Statements mailed monthly from the UCPath Center. These Benefits Billing Statements include all of the information you need to make your premium payments to continue your benefits while on leave. You will have the option to make your premium payments online (preferred), or mail in a check.

For inquiries regarding the Benefits Billing Statement or payment receipt, please contact the UCPath Benefits team through the UCPath Center, or by calling 855-982-7284 (855-9-UCPATH).