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How do I rush my enrollment if I need immediate medical, drug or dental services?

Health and welfare benefits begin on your date of hire, but it can take up to 30 -60 days before the medical, dental, vision and/or legal plans will have your new eligibility added to the insurance membership systems.

If you have an urgent health situation or need to fill a prescription, you can speed up your enrollment by calling the insurance member services. 

Please complete the following steps to speed-up your enrollment in the insurance membership system:

  1. Complete your UC new employee enrollment on At Your Service Online
  2. The next day, verify that your enrollment is in the UC system by checking “Health and Welfare - Current Enrollments” on At Your Service Online.
  3. Call the health plan’s member services and identify yourself as a new member who is calling to verify eligibility.
    1. Ask if you are “active” in the insurance membership system.
    2. If you are not, complete the following steps:
      1. Ask to speak with the membership unit or a member services representative who is authorized to use the University of California Carrier Eligibility Website.   
      2. Ask the representative to manually enter your enrollment into the insurance membership system.
      3. Ask the representative for your Member ID and Group Number.
      4. If you need a prescription, ask the representative to inform the pharmacy unit of your new eligibility.
      5. Ask how long it will be before your pharmacist/doctor’s office can access your new member information (it should be no more than one or two days).
      6. When that time frame has elapsed, you can pick up prescriptions or visit your doctor.
  4. Print a Temporary ID Card
    You can print a temporary ID card on the following insurance websites after your membership has been activated.  Register as a new member using your Member ID and Group Number
    • Anthem:  Select “Customer Care” tab
    • Health Net:  Select “Print a Temporary ID”
    • Delta PPO:  Select “Eligibility and Benefits”

If you are having trouble enrolling with your carrier, or have questions about this process, please contact your Health Care Facilitator.