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How do I change my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

  1. Call your medical plan’s customer service number to request the change. You can find the number on your medical ID card.
  2. Ask the insurance representative when the PCP change will be effective. If you call the medical plan before the 15th of a month, the change will be effective the first of the next month. If the change is made after the 15th, it will be effective the first of the next month.
  3. Use your medical plan’s website to search for a PCP.  Your PCP must be located within a 30-mile radius of your primary residence or workplace and in your medical plan’s service area.
  4. Each family member may choose a different PCP from the doctors who are contracted with your medical plan.

When you pick your PCP you are also choosing a medical group (e.g. Mercy Medical Center).  HMO physicians are affiliated with a medical group of specialists and hospitals that you may use for non-emergency care.  The PCP you select  will oversee your care and authorize visits to specialists in the medical group.