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Weighing Your Options

There are many ways to partner with the Conflict Resolution Coach.

Individual Coaching
Are you feeling challenged by something or someone at work? Are you having difficulties deciding how to move forward? Do you know how to move forward but haven’t been able to take action?

If you are experiencing a challenge, stuck in conflict, or have other goals that you need support moving toward, partnering with a coach for individual coaching may be helpful.

Relationship Coaching
Are you and another employee having difficulties communicating or working together? Is your relationship getting in the way of your work performance or work satisfaction? Are both of you feeling like you could use some help?

If you and another employee are feeling like you could use support in getting your working relationship back on track, you might benefit from relationship coaching.

Team Coaching
Is your team having difficulties making decisions? Is low team morale or a lack of cohesion getting in the way of the team meeting your goals? Could your team use a reset to get back on track?

Team coaching is a resource for teams or units that might need support for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Strained relationships
  • Low morale
  • Challenging decisions
  • Difficult conversations

When inquiring about team coaching, it is important to note that due to the complexities that comes with teams, the coaching process often comes with a larger time investment than other types of coaching.


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