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Office of the Chancellor

The Coaching Partnership

Your Role

Engaging in a partnership with the coach means that you are willing to focus on your actions and responses to accomplish your goals. If you wish to partner with the coach, you will be asked to:

  • Focus on and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions
  • Create and drive the agenda
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Be willing to learn and grow
  • Try your best
  • Treat the coach and other individuals involved with respect

The Coach’s Role

The coach is a private resource who allows you to explore your challenges privately. The coach takes a facilitative approach and helps you identify the best pathway forward and does not make decisions or tell partners what to do. The coach is an impartial party and does not take sides.

The Conflict Resolution Coach…

IS NOT someone who can perform other individuals’ job duties, responsibilities or tasks CAN support willing partners to explore how to hold themselves and others accountable
CANNOT communicate difficult or personal information on behalf of the partner(s) CAN support preparation for a difficult conversation or facilitate difficult dialogues
IS NOT someone who will manage or supervise employees or perform managerial/ supervisory duties IS someone who can support the expression and clarification of needs and expectations between supervisors and employees
CANNOT force or require unwilling partners to participate in coaching, act or make agreements CAN explore how participation in coaching may be beneficial for hesitant partners to help them determine if coaching is right for them
CANNOT support parties in the ongoing processing of past events, traumas or emotional issues CAN support parties in learning and growing from past events and to identify how to move forward

To enter into a coaching partnership, please read and sign our Coaching Partnership Agreement.


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