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Bobcat Basics


How would you like to have a regularly scheduled offering of informative workshops that outline the resources, tools, programs, offerings, and benefits of being a UC Merced Bobcat?

About the Program

To provide broader engagement and awareness of critical campus resources, research, initiatives, and processes, the Bobcat Basics program will provide a series of unique program offerings on a quarterly schedule. The goal of the Bobcat Basics program is to connect the campus community to resources they may not have already been aware of, build community, encourage collaboration, and explore the ever-changing landscape of UC Merced and its programs.


2024-2025 Bobcat Basics Schedule

Wednesday, July 17, 2024
9:00 am - 10:30 am
UC Merced Library -
Rooms, Resources & Really Cool Archives
October 2024 - TBD Stay Safe at Work!
February 2025 - TBD Benefits and Fidelity -
Have You Checked in on Your Retirement Lately?
May 2025 - TBD Human Resources -
Demystifying Performance Management and Compensation

Who should apply?

All UC Merced staff members are invited to participate in the Bobcat Basics offerings.

How to apply?

To register, please:

Log in to the UC Learning Center and

Search “Bobcat Basics”.

For more information:

Please contact if you have any questions about Bobcat Basics.