Troubleshooting Tips - UC Learning Center

UCLC Login Instructions

Log in via the HR UCLC webpage; many times users are accessing an outdated URL link.

Additional Steps (to consider if you are unable to access the UCLC)

  1. Ensure your browser settings are compatible; please follow the guidelines in the SumTotal browser compatibility matrix document.
  2. If using Chrome, ensure Flash is enabled.  See instructions to enable Adobe Flash Player for use in the Google Chrome web browser.
  3. Consider switching browsers. If you’re experiencing issues, please try a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  4. If you are still unable to access the UC Learning Center, please try via the portal
  5. If access to the UCLC has not been established, please email HR Training and include in your information:
  • whether you’re able to access other campus services such as, email, payroll, etc.
  • (a) what browser and version you are using; (b) what operating system.

In your response to us, providing as much information as possible will assist us in resolving access issues.

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