UC People Management Certificate

This program is for anyone who manages or supervises others and consists of core and elective courses covering the following topics: Performance Management, Managing People, Administration and Operations, Change Management and Communications. It is designed to increase our people management capabilities at UC Merced as well as across the entire UC system. It is also open to staff who aspire to be a people manager.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Building baseline management skills for all people managers.
  • Providing flexibility to complete the program with all online courses or a combination of online and in-person courses.

All courses are available from the UC Learning Center. The specific courses for UC Merced include a combination of system-wide e-courses and local in-person classes. In order to obtain a UC People Management Certificate, you will need to complete an online pre-program assessment, all 10 Core Courses and 4 Elective Courses (one from each competency), for a total of 14 courses and an online post-program assessment.  For your convenience, please see our program checklist.

Core Courses - 10 required courses  (must select all 10 courses)

  1. Performance Management Overview
  2. Setting Expectations & Individual Performance Goals
  3. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  4. Engaging and Developing Employees
  5. Conducting Performance Appraisals
  6. Motivating, Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
  7. Coaching for Performance and Development
  8. Managing Corrective Action
  9. Hiring for Success
  10. Strategic On-Boarding

Elective Courses - 4 elective courses (must select one from each competency below):

Competency 1:  Managing People - select one

Competency 2:  Administration & Operations - select one

Competency 3:  Change Management - select one

Competency 4:  Communication - select one

To Begin Training

  1. Click directly on the course title (above) to be taken directly to the UC Learning Center course.
  2. Please note, you will need to log in with your UC Merced credentials.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


UC People Management Conference

Managers and supervisors who have completed the People Management Certificate Program are eligible to attend the UC People Management Conference. The conference will bring together leaders from across UC who have completed the People Management Certificate Program, the Management Development Program (MDP), or the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative. The goal of the annual conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with each other
  • Learn about current topics and share best practices
  • Continue learning about leadership within the UC system

For additional information about the conference, visit the UC People Management Conference webpage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once I complete the certificate, what else is available for professional development in the people management area?
Our first suggestion is to work with your manager to develop or further develop some of the skills you learned in the certificate program. You need to experiment to continue your growth as a professional. Thus, pick an area, put it to work and then evaluate your efforts. Once you are ready for additional knowledge development, you might want to complete the supervisor knowledge assessment – please send an e-mail to hrtraining@ucmerced.edu to inquire about this assessment.

Why should I invest the time to complete this certificate? Will it benefit my career in any way?
Being open to learning new concepts and new approaches is one of the keys to success in any career path. You will be exposed to new ways of managing people and if you work on further developing these skills and asking for feedback on how you are doing as a people manager, then you are almost certain to grow professionally. You will also be able to put this certificate on your resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. and it shows that you are committed to developing your people management skills. It also adds to your credibility as it will be recognized across the entire UC system.

How will I receive my People Management Certificate?
As soon as you complete the program, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail generated by the UC Learning Center confirming your attainment of the UC People Management Certificate. In addition, the certificate will be part of your permanent learning record. Our Learning and Professional Development unit will be printing an official certificate of completion that will be mailed to participants via intercampus mail.

I have already completed some of the courses required for the certificate while completing the UC Performance Management Series. Can I get credit for them?
Yes, credit will be given for any course completed in January 2014 or later.

I supervise students. Am I eligible to attend the elective in-person workshops?
The elective in-person workshops are also electives for the Supervisory Certificate Program which is designed for staff who have a supervisor or manager title, regardless of the job titles that you supervise. If you have questions about whether you qualify or not, please send an email to hrtraining@ucmerced.edu.

Currently, I am not a people manager but aspire to this role at some point in my career. Am I eligible to earn the certificate?
Yes, earning the certificate will give you insights into what the role entails and help you determine if being a people manager is the right fit for you.

Is the UC Performance Management Series the same as the UC People Management Certificate?
No, they are two programs. However, they are related and at UC Merced you can complete both certificate programs – if you comply with the program requirements for each program. The first eight required courses for the UC Performance Management Series are the same required courses for the UC People Management Certificate. Therefore, those eight courses cross-count for both certificate programs.