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Job Exchange Bank

The purpose of this program is to identify currently underused staff and match them with departments that need help with tasks, assignments or projects. The goal is to make full use of underused employees by offering available work without the need to adjust compensation. Employees will be matched based on their transferrable knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA).

As Human Resources receives requests, HR staff will match employees with departments.

If you have questions about the program or use of this form, please contact Ashlee McNeill, Employment Coordinator, in Talent Acquisition at

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To submit your request, please complete the following form(s):

Program Expectations and Guidelines:

  • Human Resources will coordinate the match between available work and employee(s), including the expected duration.
  • Bargaining unit work will be limited to represented employees. However, represented employees may perform non-represented work.
  • The requesting department is responsible for any training and/or systems access, if required.
  • For ease of the program:
    • Employee’s payroll will remain with their home department.
    • Timesheet approval will remain with the home department. However, the home department and requesting department will need to coordinate.
    • Assuming the employee has the equipment needed to perform the assigned work, the employee will use existing University equipment. Otherwise, the requesting department is responsible for securing equipment.
  • The home department and requesting department supervisors are responsible for coordinating:
    • Verifying hours worked.
    • Approval of overtime hours.
    • Approving time off, i.e., sick, vacation, or administrative leave. It is recommended that the employee communicates with both supervisors.
    • A joint “meet and greet” with the employee to provide opportunity for questions.
  • The requesting supervisor is responsible for scheduling check-ins with employee as needed and establishing channels of communication.
  • Opportunity for recognition:
    • At the conclusion of the assignment, it is recommended that the requesting supervisor provide feedback/acknowledgment to the employee and their supervisor.