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UC Move Challenge

Registration starts April 19, and the challenge runs from May 1 to May 28.

Join us for the UC systemwide 4 week Summertime Challenge! Each UC campus will have a team and will compete to see which campus gets the most movement in by the end of the month.
Each campus’s team score are based on the team’s average firefly points.
  • 6000-7999 steps = 3 points
  • 8000-9999 steps = 4 points
  • 10,000+ steps = 5 points
Each person’s individual contribution affects the team score, so gather a group who will encourage and support each other along the way. You will track your steps and movement through the HES.

UC Move Summertime Challenge 

  • app-based physcial activity platform that records your steps and activity

  • Sync or manually enter your steps and activities to your account

  • Free download on IOS and Android "Summertine Challenge"


Earn 1 firefly/day, 5+ days a week by tracking steps

  • 6000-7999 steps = yellow firefly (3 points)
  • 8000-9999 steps = orange firefly (4 points)
  • 10,000+ steps = green firefly (5 points).
 Collect 20 fireflies an automatically be enter in the UC systemwide weekly raffle

UC Moves Challenge Participants Info Sessions:

Information sessions for participants and/or those interested in participating in the this year's UC Moves Challenge. An overview of the program, registration process, and creating/joining team.

Friday April 28, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 829 7597 7146

Passcode: 885745

Friday May 5, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 881 5974 9687

Passcode: 631541


Once you register:

  • Join or create a team, or compete individually (4-5 participants are recommend when forming a team)
  • Join the Challenge Participants Webinar Information Sessions
  • Post pictures, tag friends and share favorite recipes and tips
  • Begin logging your acitivity on May 1st