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Office of the Chancellor

UC Move Challenge

Registration starts May 2, and the challenge runs from May 6 to May 27.

Join us for a UC-wide battle of the UCs! Each UC campus will have a team and will compete to see which campus gets the most movement in by the end of the month.

Spots are limited so sign up now if you are interested! 200 spots are available for Team UCS Merced on the Walker Tracker app. Each campus’s team score is based on the overall average of all their walkers, so make sure you are ready to move and represent UC Merced! You will track your steps and movement through the WalkerTracker app.

UC Move WalkerTracker

  • app-based physcial activity platform that records your steps and activity
  • Sync or manually enter your steps and activities to your account


  • 5,000 steps/day 

Once you register or log in:

  • Choose your challenge 
  • Join or create a team, or compete individually (5-10 participants are recommend when forming a team)
  • receive weekly email with reminders to track your activity
  • Information on UC-Wide physical activity that are offer


Getting Started 
Connecting & Syncing Device
Challenge and Teams
Helpful Tips and Resources