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What is Coaching?

Coaching is …

Future-focused and Action-based: Coaching acknowledges the importance of what has happened and at the same time, coaching partners are encouraged to find the lessons from the past and turn that towards future action.

Impartial: The coach does not have a vested interest in the outcomes, decisions or actions taken by the partner, nor does the coach take sides on issues or conflicts.

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Private: Coaching is a private process and the coach does not disclose identifying details of the coaching relationship with the partner to other parties unless otherwise agreed upon. The coach is a “Responsible Employee”, which means there are some expectations to privacy. See the Privacy Policy before engaging with the coach to better understand these exceptions.

You-centered: Coaching is centered around you, the partner. You are responsible for driving the agenda, making the decisions, and following through. You also will be encouraged to focus on your own actions and responses to their goals.

Facilitative: The coach will help support problem-solving and brainstorming. At the end of the day, however, the coach will not direct, decide or act on behalf of partners.

Interest-based: Through surfacing a partner’s interests, the coach and the partner can ensure that the actions the partner chooses to take are doable and durable.

Voluntary: Entering into a coaching partnership is voluntary and the actions, agreements and decisions made in coaching are voluntary. While you may have been asked to or sponsored to participate in a coaching relationship, everything you do in coaching is voluntary. If you have questions about coaching sponsorship, please see the coaching sponsorship guidelines for more information.

Non-disciplinary: Partnering with the Conflict Resolution Coaching Program is a non-disciplinary process and does not satisfy a requirement for progressive discipline. However, the program may be used to support parties in a disciplinary process when appropriate.


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