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Office of the Chancellor

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Conflict can be difficult and stressful for all of us. While we can’t stop conflict from happening, we can help make conflict easier and more productive. The Conflict Resolution Coaching program’s mission is to be a private partner for UC Merced employees to encourage and inspire change and action in times of challenge and conflict.

This program is based on a partnership model, in which the coach and the partner (a UC Merced employee) work together in a non-disciplinary, supportive relationship.

The coaching process is self-determined, which means the partner stays in control of the outcome. The coach provides support in a facilitative and impartial manner that helps elicit decisions and actions from the partner.

A coach protects the privacy of partners so they can freely explore their challenges and goals in a safe environment. Any exceptions to privacy are outlined with the partner prior to the coaching relationship.

• Read a Q&A with Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner

A coach promotes future-focused and action-based movement toward the partner’s goals. The coaching process encourages partners to focus on their own actions and responses.

The coach promotes durable and doable decisions and solutions by focusing on resolving underlying interests and promoting accountability.

Learn more about our program and let us know if you want to partner with us.

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