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How to Request Position Numbers

  1. Request Position # via e-mail: You may send e-mail requests when you are submitting a standardized job description to fill a Limited position. Standardized job descriptions are typically those that you have used over-and-over, and have been reviewed by Comp at least once in the past (for example: groundskeeper, custodian, etc.). Please send an e-mail to and include the following information in your request:
  1. Indicate this is a Limited Position
  2. What title code and payroll title are you hiring?
  3. What department is this for?
  4. Who will the position report to?
  5. Where will this person work?
  6. What is the appointment %

Please allow 3-4 business day to receive a position # when the request is submitted via e-mail. 

  1. Request Position # via eDoc: You will need to submit an eDoc classification request in order to obtain a Position # when:
  1. you are using a customized job description,
  2. need a contract position backfilled, or
  3. need a career position backfilled