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UCRP Disability Benefits

The University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) provides disability income when an eligible member has a disability that is permanent or expected to last 12 consecutive months or longer from the UCRP disability date.

Disability Date
Your UCRP disability date is the first day you are eligible for UCRP disability income.  If you are disabled according to UCRP definitions, your UCRP disability date is the first of the month in which UC HR/Benefits receives your application, or the day after your last day on pay status, whichever is later.

Vesting and Service Credit
A UCRP member must meet the service credit required for disability income according to the UCRP Plan Classification that applies to them.  The amount of disability income received depends on the employee’s years of service credit, salary and the number of eligible children.  See the appropriate Summary Plan Description that applies to you.*

Medical Evidence
A member applying for disability income is required to submit medical evidence, which is considered in determining eligibility for the benefit, and a member may also be required to undergo medical examination(s) by physician(s) chosen by the Plan Administrator, or to participate in vocational assessment or rehabilitation programs. 

To Apply for UCRP Disability Income
Contact your local Benefits Office, at or by calling 209-228-2363, to explore your various disability income options.

*Learn about the plan provisions and policies of UCRP by reading the Summary Plan Description that applies to you.