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Steps to Retirement

Important Note:
All retirement services are now handled by Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC). Please contact RASC by email or phone (800) 888-8267 to discuss any retirement questions you may have.

During the Year Before You Plan to Retire

Learn About the Retirement Process

  • Be sure you are eligible for UC retirement .
  • Read the Retirement Handbook, available online (PDF).
  • Contact the Retirement Administration Service Center by email or phone (800) 888-8267 to discuss the retirement process.
  • Meet with your financial planner to establish long- and short-range goals.
  • Check your eligibility forSocial Security and Medicare.
  • Contact past employers, including the military, to find out if you qualify for retirement income under their plans.
  • Gather required documentation such as your birth and marriage certificates.
  • Use these tools to help you determine if you can afford to retire:
    • Visit your AYSO account to use the UCRP Retirement Estimator
    • Various interactive tools available on the Fidelity Retirement Services Web site

About 3 Months Before You Plan to Retire

Begin the Retirement Process

Inform Your Supervisor You Are Beginning the Retirement Process

Discuss with your supervisor:

  • Tasks that need to be reassigned
  • Recommendations you have for a replacement
  • Willingness to train a replacement
  • Disposition of e-mail and network files

Return UC Property to Your Department

  • UC cards:
    • CAT card
    • UCM Travel Card
    • UCM keys
  • Computer and communications equipment:
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Pagers
  • Radios, walkie-talkies
  • Check with your department's property administrator to see if any equipment is signed out to you.
  • Library books
  • Equipment on loan to you:

Note: You may wish to request a receipt from the department for returned items.

Complete These Tasks on Your Last Day Present

  • Delete or transfer your e-mail and computer files as instructed by your supervisor.
  • Advise your department if there are any pending travel reconciliations or payment authorization reimbursements.
  • Reset your voice mail password to the five-digit extension number. Check with your supervisor about setting up a forwarding message.
  • Return your parking permit to Transportation And Parking Services (TAPS)

Retirement and Beyond

Keep Your Permanent Address Current
Update your address to receive mailings from the University such as your W-2 by doing one of the following:

Update your Beneficiaries
Keep your beneficiaries current by completing the Designation of Beneficiary—Retirees, Former Employees and Others form or visiting your AYSO account.

Guidelines for Returning to Work at the University of California
Visit Returning to Work after Retirement on the At Your Service website for information about:

  • Conditions of re-employment
  • How this policy affects retirees who receive monthly retirement payments
  • How this policy affects retirees who took a lump-sum cashout
  • Returning to work and your medical benefits

Additional Information and Resources