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Ramping up to fall semester: Learn how to do your part as we return to campus, and get the latest COVID-19 updates.Campus ReadyCOVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Related Resources




Employee Asistance Program  is offering additional support for employees and prvidong live virtual meetings lasting approxiametly 15-20 minutes to address the following:
  • The stress individuals may experience associated with this Natinal Crisis
  • Tips to manage personal wellbeing
  • Tps to take care of children/others
  • Information, tools and resources for overall wellness, including a COVID-19 special resource section available on Insight EAP website
  • Overview of Insight EAP Benefits and Resources available to all employees and their families

Insight EAP Virtual meetings 

Date Time Meeting ID
6/9/2020 10:30 am 
941 1286 0265     Join meeting



Kaiser Permanente is offering a 1-hour webinar focused specifically on ways individuals can cope with this pandemic and tips to build resilience during this time of uncertainty and change. This webinar is open to all UC employees, not only Kaiser members.
Webinar Date/Time
Coping with COVID-19
5/14/2020   12:00pm   Register
5/15/2020   12:00pm   Register    
Total Health Nutrition  
5/21/2020   12:00pm   Register
5/22/2020   12:00pm   Register
Mindful Stretching  
5/26/2020   10:00am   Register 
5/26/2020   12:00pm   Register
Laughter is the Best Medicine  
6/03/2020   12:00pm   Register
6/04/2020   12:00pm   Register
The Power of Gratitude
6/09/2020   12:00pm   Register
6/10/2020   12:00pm   Register