Supervisory Certificate Program

Program Goals and Objectives
The UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program is a flexible, performance skills based program of learning that was designed and has been successfully implemented in UC San Francisco and other UC campuses to provide supervisors and supervisor aspirants with an opportunity to develop supervisory competencies. UC Merced has adapted this program to the needs of UC Merced’s supervisors and managers. 

This program enhances skill development in critical thinking, delegating, coaching, setting expectations, communications, organizational awareness, team leadership, and human resources management. The program encourages developmental communications between participant and his/her manager to facilitate transfer of learning to the job.

The program objectives include: 

  • Provide orientation to the supervisor’s role
  • Provide supervisory/management skills to enhance performance and productivity
  • Prepare supervisors to effectively manage in a represented environment
  • Facilitate peer learning, feedback, and support relationships

Is this program right for you?
The UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program is suitable for newly designated supervisors and experienced supervisors who wish to enhance their supervisory skills.  Aspirants to supervision may also participate.  Courses are open to all qualified UC Merced employees regardless of participation in the UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program.

Download an electronic brochure of the Supervisory Certificate Program (PDF Format)

There are several benefits participants may enjoy as a result of participation in the program: 

  • Smooth transition into supervision - productive results with less stress
  • Supervise more consistently
  • Create a more supportive and productive workplace
  • Enhance your supervisory skills
  • Increase  your career competitiveness
  • Reinforce credibility as supervisory figure

There are eight required courses: (Most classes are half-day or self-paced online which is flexible and convenient for the active supervisor at UC Merced - see the course descriptions)

Required Classes  (see schedule)

  1. Introduction to Management (online)
  2. Setting Performance Expectations
  3. Conducting Performance Appraisals
  4. Coaching to Improve Employee Performance
  5. Delegating for Success and Accountability
  6. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) Law
  7. Supervising According to Union Contracts and PPSM
  8. Recruiting and Hiring at UC Merced

Elective Classes  (see schedule)
UC Merced team members need to take at least two elective courses from Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) or any other applicable course available through the UC Merced UC Learning Center. (Note: To find a list of CLC eCourses on the UC Learning Center please type the keyword CLC* in the search box.)

Electives must be consistent with the following criteria:

  • The learning activity must be relevant to the objectives of the certificate program.
  • They must develop job related skills.  

Certificate Structure
The participant rates their supervisory skills and competency level using the Competency and Skill Assessment Scales form prior to commencing the program. The required courses and electives are completed at a pace and time frame that meets the needs of the participants. Upon completion of each course the participant is encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge on the job.

After completion of all courses, the participant completes the Post-Assessment portion of the Competency and Skill Assessment Scales form. The candidate submits the following documentation to the HR Learning & Professional Development Unit (via email or through inter-office mail delivery):

The Certificate of Completion will require approximately 4 weeks upon verification of documentation submitted by candidate.

Ready to Get Started?

  • Meet with your manager to discuss certificate course requirements. (Only if you are an employee aspiring to be a supervisor/manager in the future.)
  • Sign-up for the required courses at the UC Learning Center
  • Download and complete the Pre-Assessment portion of the Competency and Skills Assessment Scales form
  • Identify/select electives => Register for those electives
  • Attend all required and elective courses - Use the Supervisory Certificate Program Checklist to keep track of your progress
  • Submit the completed Supervisory Certificate Checklist, Pre/Post Competency and Skills Assessment Scale and a copy of your training transcript.
  • Receive Certificate of Completion for the Program

FALL 2017 - Supervisory Certificate Program Class Schedule



  • must complete all 8 required classes
  • click course title to directly access the course
  1. eCourse - Introduction to Management (online at the UCLC) - MUST COMPLETE ALL 3 MODULES
  2.   Sep  12  - Setting Performance Expectations
  3.   Sep  19  Conducting Performance Appraisals
  4.   Sep  21  - EEO/AA Law for Supervisors
  5.   Sep  26  - Coaching to Improve Performance
  6.   Oct  12  - Supervising According to Union Contracts and the PPSM
  7.   Oct  25  - Recruiting and Hiring at UC Merced
  8.   Oct  31  - Delegating for Success and Accountability


  • must complete any 2 electives below (in-person or eCourse)
  • click course title to directly access the course
In-Person Electives:
  1.   Oct    3  - Managing Change
  2.   Oct  10  - Emotional Intelligence/Whole Brain Thinking Styles
  3.   Nov   7  - Conflict Management in the Workplace
  4.   Dec   5  - Situational Leadership
  5.   Dec 12  - Communication and Influence
eCourse Electives:

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