Volunteer Instruction Program (VIP)

Our Volunteer Instructor Program (VIP) needs motivated subject-matter experts to facilitate trainings, engage in discussions, and guide the trainees through program activities. Serving as our faculty or renowned staff members, Volunteer Instructors are professionals with distinctive backgrounds and areas of expertise. In addition, Volunteer Instructors act as role models, sharing their own career experiences and insights with trainees.

As a voluntary instructor, you will enhance leadership, organizational, facilitation and other professional skills. You will also bolster teamwork skills as you work with colleagues from the different departments of UC Merced. Volunteer Instructors are supported by Training and Development and by the robust UC Learning Center. The Training & Development staff will help you to:

  • Schedule classes
  • Reserve classrooms
  • Enter class in the UC Learning Center and provide access to instructor
  • Provide/collaborate training materials
  • Send out announcements
  • Provide attendance roster
  • Provide evaluation forms

Training & Development is looking for enthusiastic UC Merced employees interested in facilitating a course.

If you are interested in enhancing your teaching abilities and would like to be part of VIP, please contact the training manager at (209) 228-4477 or email hrtraining@ucmerced.edu to request additional information.

Volunteer Instructor Program (VIP)

“VIP - It’s all taken care of”

How to Become a Volunteer Instructor?

Step 1

T & D

Contact the UC Merced Learning & Professional Development Manager at (209) 228-4477 or at hrtraining@ucmerced.edu.

Step 2

Teaching expectation

Understand teaching expectation and decide subject matter area to be proposed.

Step 3

Plan & Prepare

Plan and prepare classes.

Step 4

Skills & Knowledge

Maintain teaching skills and content knowledge.

Step 5


Teach/facilitate classes.

Step 6

Log and Evaluations

Provide attendance log and evaluation forms to Learning & Professional Development Manager at completion of course.