Certificated Programs

Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP)
The University of California Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a unique residential program designed to assess current skills in the context of complexities facing UC managers. MSAP offers participants insights into their managerial competencies and potential by providing feedback on critical skills for successful management at UC.

Professional Learning Academy
The Professional Learning Academy (also known as Customer Service Academy) has become a valuable community resource that provides training in key areas of customer service and equips participants with skills that can be applied in their work areas. 

Supervisory Certificate Program
Adapted to the needs of UC Merced team members, the UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program trainings area available for registration for Spring and Fall 2013. The Supervisory Certificate Program is a flexible, performance skills based program of learning that has been successfully implemented at UC San Francisco and other UC campuses to provide supervisors and supervisor aspirants with an opportunity to develop supervisory competencies.

UC People Management Certificate
This program is for anyone who manages or supervises others.  It is designed to increase our people management capabilities at UC Merced as well as across the entire UC system.

UC Performance Management Series
The UC Performance Management Series provides the fundamentals of performance management including important information, tools and resources needed to support UC people managers in their roles.