Sexual Harassment Prevention

All employees who supervise others are required to complete sexual harassment prevention training every two years. In addition to staff supervisors, most academic employees (including all faculty) have been identified as having supervisory authority for the purposes of this law, and as such, are required to receive the training. New supervisors must complete this training within six months of assuming supervisory responsibilities. This is mandated by State Assembly Bill 1825 which went into effect in 2005. Supervisors may meet this requirement by completing the online course described below or by attending the live production on Sexual Harassment Prevention held each year.

The Live Production is typically offered once or twice a year. 

The next session is scheduled for Wednesday, December 17, 2014, at COB 120, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

To Register for the Live Production on Sexual Harassment Prevention:

TO REGISTER: Log in to the UC Learning Center using your UC Merced Net ID.  Type “SHP” in the search box.  Select the course you are interested in, click “Register”, check the box next to the class and session that fits your schedule, click “Submit”. 
OnLine Course

The UC Office of the President assigns an online version of this course to supervisors and faculty.  Employees who believe they are due for this training may log in to the UC Learning Center.  If you have been assigned this course, it will appear to you in Assigned Activities on the Learner Home Page.

More information related to sexual harassment prevention can be found at