Employee Orientation Program Debuts in June

May 25, 2017

As mentioned in the most recent edition of Panorama, Human Resources is launching a new model of New Employee Orientation (NEO), beginning in June. This model offers employees opportunities to learn how essential staff are to the success of achieving UC Merced’s mission of research, teaching and public service.

NEO’s mission is to promote a culture of inquiry, discovery and learning and to engage and retain exceptional employees. The program seeks to fulfill its mission by redefining expectations for employee engagement in the workplace by facilitating a three-stage online learning and in-person participatory and experiential orientation process.

NEO, held the first Friday of each month, is mandatory for all newly hired non-faculty, non-student staff members, and registration is required. New staff members are required to attend NEO within the first 60 days of starting employment. Direct supervisors are encouraged to attend to partner with their new employee. Please visit the HR website to learn more about the NEO program and Build Your Network, a networking and learning program specifically designed for new employees.

The Human Resources’ Talent Development team welcomes your questions and encourages you to look forward to opportunities to become engaged as additional programming comes online. Feel free to direct any questions you have to Rachael Martin at rmartin6@ucmerced.edu or 209-201-9457.